Programs & Ministries

Clay City First United Church of Christ has an open communication ministry. Each of our members are encouraged to engage in sharing time, talents and treasure as they are able. We encourage participation from as many age groups as possible within all our ministries.

The Clay City UCC Worship Team, assists the pastor in planning worship services, providing special music and musicians for worship, Christmas Eve Programs and involving members in various leadership roles in worship services. This also includes the planning and use of technology and media ministry service. Technology and Media Ministry use all forms of technology and media to the news of Christ and the Clay City First UCC. The ministry team supports such technology as websites, email, facebook, twitter, to reach members and community. The team will also use different forms of technology to share the word of Christ through education classes and worship services.

Our Christian Education ministry team handles the church school programs; encompassing adult, youth, and children’s church school. This ministry teams also handles the selection of the curriculum for church school, children’s church worship, teachers for the church school, and the Vacation Bible school. This ministry team is also assists the Youth Advisory Team for the youth group.

The Clay City First UCC Stewardship Ministry is comprised of the Deacons of the church. This team secures funds for the support of the First UCC and its various activities, it fosters principles of stewardship and dispenses charity of the church.

Our Fellowship Team consists of the church Elders with the Pastor as the chairperson. The fellowship team meets to consider and to act upon requests and to devise plans for the quickening of the spiritual life of the congregation.

The Clay City First UCC Outreach Team aids and encourages the congregation in proclaiming the Gospel in such a way that those outside the fellowship of the church will respond to the Good News by committing themselves to Christ. This team will plan outreach goals on local, conference, and national levels. Our Outreach Team works to implement mission programs, both short term and ongoing, to provide, promote, and participate in community programs.

The visitation and care ministry team shall assist the pastor in visiting. They provide care and ministry to those that are home bound, those that are now in health care centers, along with other care ministry that may be needed through the life of our members. The visitation team extends invitations to possible new members, contacts visitors and establishes that contact in the vision of the UCC.

The Women’s Fellowship and Christian Discovery Fellowship is ministry of the adult female members of the Clay City First United Church of Christ. The women enjoy monthly gatherings, sharing and communication; they support numerous community outreach program ministries.

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