Our Mission

The constitution of the Clay City First United Church of Christ states that the purpose of this church is to strengthen the witness for Jesus Christ by preaching the Gospel, celebrating the sacraments, fostering Christian fellowship and unity, ministering with loving service, and striving for righteousness, justice, and peace. In February, 1995, members of Clay City First United Church of Christ developed a plan of action for achieving our purpose as the Body of Christ. The result was a set of goals, collectively called our Mission Statement:

  • We will work to intentionally invite friends to become members.
  • We will become more caring of one another and commit ourselves to make personal contact with those who are ill or absent.
  • We will call on individuals and groups to participate in nursing home services and other mission and fellowship activities.
  • We urge each and every member to make a personal commitment to participate in at least one Bible study during the year, and to attend and support special services and other local, community, and association events.
  • We will seek to model Christian love and values for our children, and will support more programming with an for our youth.
  • We call upon the whole church to follow the example of Jesus Christ in being agents of reconciliation. (Read Ephesians 4:1-6,11-16.)

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