Extraordinary God Meeting Us In Ordinary Places

God is extraordinary! Sometimes it seems like we human beings who are so ordinary just can’t relate to God who is so out-of-the-ordinary. What can we do? We can look for God in the ordinary, that’s what. God is so incredible – so extraordinary, that God seeks to meet us in our ordinary world. Some biblical examples might include Moses, who was just minding his own business, tending the sheep when he saw a burning bush. Or, there’s samuel, who was trying to sleep when he kept hearing God’s voice calling to him. Or, what about Matthew the tax collector? Jesus came up to him one day and said simpley, “Follow me.” That simple statement made all the difference in Matthew’s life. Another God encounter happened when when Jesus spoke to a woman at a well. The woman’s life was messed up, but Jesus shoowed her how she could draw “living water” from the “well of salvation.”
Extraordinary God delights in meeting us in our ordinary lives and life situations. In fact God is doing it to you right now. Look for it! Where is Extraordinary God acting in your ordinary life?

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