Remiss, Remiss, 2 Weeks Later!

I guess I got so excited about our Angela Lilly Trio that I became remiss on the next week’s posting! Maybe I need a little finger wag for myself!

The Angela Lilly Trio visited our church on the 23rd of October! And what a wonderful time it was, their voices and music were divine to listen to. Here is a small video of the group together if you would like to hear some more from them:

If you visit them at YouTube you can also hear some more of the wonderfully talented Grayson!

On October 29th we had our Trunk-or-Treat program for the local community of Clay City. Every year our church hosts the Trunk-or-treat program for the community, with our vehicles parked in the Burkle Ford lot (we thank Bob Burkle for the use of his lot!) Enjoy a couple of pictures of us entertaining the children! There are more pictures located within our photos of Facebook!

Ruth greeting the kids

We had a great turnout!

Enjoy the rest of the pictures at our Facebook Album!

Our Service Sunday, October 30th was Michelle Dyar, she was a great joy to listen too and we wish her a speedy recovery on that foot!

Today is November 1st, so the new newsletter is out! Enjoy the Olive Branch for November, by clicking here!

Our speaker for the next Sunday, November 6th is David Jennys; there will be more about David Jennys in our next post, along with the bulletin upload for those that want that sneak-peak!

Enjoy your week! Blessings to all!!

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