Saturday, September 24th

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather we have been given lately! And rain! Love seeing that rain! So a brief run down of what is happening this next week or two.

This Sunday, September 25th, the Sunday classes will continue their studies on Genesis. Remember the Sunday classes meet at 9:30 am every Sunday! Our Divine Worship is at 10:30 am, the sharing minister this Sunday is Reverend Kenneth Kramer, Jr. with a sermon entitled “By What Authority?”. Reverend Kramer is a potential interim pastor of our church, so please come listen to him!

October is fast approaching, as a matter of fact, next Sunday is October 2nd! Sunday, October 2nd is World Wide Communion Sunday, our visiting minister is Judie Luther. The following Sunday, October 9th, our visiting speaker will be Clay County Prosecutor Lee Reberger. If you missed Lee Reberger before please mark this on your calendar, he is an excellent speaker and story teller!

Other church happenings ….
Monday, October 3rd is Christian Discovery Meeting at 7:30 pm, they will be meeting at the home of Starla Wilson & Karen Schafer; Peggy Burger will have the lesson.
Tuesday, October 4th is the South Clay Pastor’s Meeting at 9:00 am
Wednesday, October 5th is the Wabash Valley Pastor’s Meeting at 9:00 am
Thursday, October 6th is the Women’s Fellowship Meeting at 1:00 pm, they will be meeting at the home of Chloe Rhodes; Also on Thursday is the Habitat for Humanity Meeting at 7:30 pm at the United Methodist Church in Centerpoint.

Also on Sunday, October 9th is the CROP Walk so keep the agenda open! More information will be forth coming on the CROP Walk!

I have also heard whispers about a super special musical worship on October 23rd with a gospel group named “The Angela Lilly Trio“; I’m sure we’ll hear more about this soon!

Remember if you have something you’d like to add to the website or even the blog, simply email us at the church email address ClayCityFirstUCC at (remember no spaces & use the @ sign) or simply post a comment here!

If you would like to view the bulletin for September 25th … click here
We also have an insert to go with the bulletin this week, extra announcements along with a bio of our visiting minister … Click Here

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