Sept 2nd, Friday Update …

Please take a look around the website, some updates have been done during the last week, hopefully bringing all the information up-to-date with the changes happening within the church. Of course it is also the first part of another month, so the September Olive Branch is available!

With the new month upon please check the calendar or the announcements to see the greeters, companions, and other assisting members are this next month.

Last week our service was performed by local community member Laura Wells, we truly enjoyed her sermon, and all the information she shared regarding the community programs located at ‘The Rock’. This week our service will performed by Reverend Mike Roth on loan from the Saron UCC located in Linton, Indiana. The sermon is entitled, “When it’s too easy to become a Christian, it is a lot harder to become a Christian”. So join us to hear the Word with Reverend Mike Roth at 10:30 am ~ come early as we begin a new Sunday Class!! The Fall Sunday Class begins this Sunday, September 4th, the theme of the study is Genesis, the calling of God’s people and the hope for God’s people. The Sunday classes begin at 9:30 am.

Special prayers are sent out this week for all the people that are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irene, we wish everyone a speedy recovery, prayers for this time of cleaning up and rebuilding our lives.

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