August 29th, 2011

Well it is Monday the 29th instead of the planned Friday for the blog update. For those that attend our church, there are changes going on that we are all aware of.

Jack Long & Ruth Tobias have been busy trying to fill in different speakers and pastors for our Sunday programs, along with trying to review possibilities for interim pastors. We greatly appreciate the extra effort and time they have both put into helping our church succeed Sunday after Sunday during this time. For the month of September we have a full calendar of speakers, they are as follows:

  • September 4th, Mike Roth, Pastor of the Saron UCC located in Linton, Indiana
  • September 11th, Don Yegerlehner will conduct service along with communion
  • September 18th, Gary Hunter, a potential interim minister; Gary was our previous speaker on August 21st; he brings a background rich with interest!
  • September 25th, Kenneth Kramer, a potential interim minister

This information will also be provided within the September Olive Branch which is almost complete for distribution. Other updates have been done to the website as we manage through these changes for the next few months.

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