Informational Friday

It is an informational Friday post, another update on happenings.

Please join us for the new Bible School program on Sunday, June 5th at 9:30 am; yes that is this Sunday! We will be listening to hymns, learning about their heritage, and authors. I hear trivia will even be played as we learn little interesting facts about the hymns we sing. Of course stay, enjoy this Sunday’s sermon by Reverend Julie Western entitled “The Shift of Relevancy”.

Note that the new Olive Branch is out for June. Most should have gotten delivered to email inbox; if you didn’t please use the subscribe section to the right, or visit the subscribe page to sign up for the monthly delivery. Everyone is welcome to simply view it by visiting the Olive Branch Page, where you can click on the month of choice, which in turn will open the file within your browser.

Book for Bible StudyMonday, June 6th at 7:30 pm is the monthly Christian Discovery Meeting. The women are studying the book “Real Women, Real Faith”, this week they will be studying Lesson Two on Rebekah, directed by Lynn Stoelting. The June meeting will be held at Diane Moon’s home, please contact us view email (clay city first ucc @ (no spaces) for address and directions if you wish to attend). There is always wonderful snacks, great conversation, and wonderful fellowship!

Thursday, June 9th will be a full day! The Pastor, Reverend Julie Western will be attending the Education Day held by the Indiana-Kentucky UCC Conference in Indianapolis. At 6:30 pm church council will have their fellowship meeting followed by the monthly council meeting at 7:30 pm.

Friday & Saturday, June 10th & 11th is the Indiana-Kentucky Conference annual meetings.

If anyone wishes to see what is comprised of the Education Day or the Annual meetings please visit the Indiana-Kentucky Conference website.

Next Sunday, June 12th is the monthly Youth Group Meeting at 6:00 pm, Joan Neal will be handling snacks.

As we begin our farewell bid to our Pastor Reverend Julie Western, we also begin our search for a new Pastor. The Church Council would like to hear from anyone within the church that would be willing to be part of the search process. If you are interested please contact one of the church council members, or send an email to the church (clay city first ucc @ — no spaces).

Please keep in your prayers this week Mary Lois Yegerlehner and Rose Barnhart as they continue their healing processes.

Prayer: Lord, grant me such grace that by surrendering to you, I surrender to none other. Amen.

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