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Saturday, October 8th

Wow do you ever have those days that just seem to disappear before your eyes? Today was one of those days around here! I want to apologize if someone was waiting around for the publication of the bulletin for tomorrow Sunday, October 9th. So here is a quick run down of happenings for the next week or so!

Sunday, October 9th, our services will be conducted by Lee Reberger, many may know Lee as the Prosecuting Attorney for Clay County, but he is also a very talented speaker! If you missed him a couple of weeks ago, please come hear him this Sunday; I particularly enjoyed his style of storytelling last time, and look forward to tomorrow!

Also Sunday, October 9th is the Community CROP Walk! Please meet at the First United Methodist Church in Clay City, the registration is at 1:45 pm with the walk starting at 2:00 pm. We have been informed that the path of the walk will be a little different than last year with the road construction going on around town.

Evening of October 9th, at 6:00 pm is the Youth Group Meeting. Our Youth Group meets at the Fellowship Hall located within our church. If anyone wishes more information please contact us via email at ClayCityFirstUCC @

October 13th is the Fellowship & Council Meeting, the Fellowship will begin at 6:30 pm followed by the Council Meeting at 7:30 pm.

We have several other items for notices also.

Nu-Tu-Yu is a community shop that provides clothing and items to people that are in need within the community. Unfortunately in these economic times this community asset is having financial difficulty, therefore has decided to do a community fundraiser. The fundraiser they have selected is Schwan’s. They have provided several ways in which to join the Schwan’s Fundraiser. They will have an open Schwan’s time on Saturday, October 15th at the First Financial Bank in Clay City, from 12:00 pm to 5:00 pm; Or drop you order off at First Financial Bank by Noon, Wednesday, October 12th; Or call Schwan’s at 1-888-724-9267 (campaign #36596); Or go to their website now … Schwan’s …. and place your order with campaign #36596. This is such a worthy cause, please consider ordering some wonderful food to use at home while also helping the community!

If anyone has been to Facebook then you might have seen the Shoe Boxes setup for our new Outreach project! Aren’t they pretty! Don’t forget to pick up your shoe box this Sunday!

The Women’s Fellowship Group needs to meet right after service this Sunday, October 9th in the front of the church, the meeting will be short!

Save space on your calendar for a Wiener Roast! October 30th we will be having our annual Wiener Roast! The hot dogs, drinks, and table services will be provided. Please bring salads, chips, deserts, or any other finger foods! We will be meeting at the shelter across from the church directly after worship service on the 30th! In case of rain we will simply move to the fellowship hall.

Don’t forget to keep the Trunk-or-Treat open!! We need people to sign up for the trunk passing out, refreshment service, plus so many other things!

Here is the bulletin for Sunday, October 9th … Click Here
And the insert of announcements …. Click Here

Next Sunday, October 16th our speaker is Chris Lee; October 23rd is our Musical Worship with the Angela Lilly Trio, so remember worship service will start at 10:00 am instead of 10:30 am and there will be no Sunday Classes.

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Saturday, October 1st

Well it is the beginning of new month!! October is here already, seems like the summer flew by, now it is time to think about leaves changing, frost on the ground, and little trick-or-treaters. As par for us the first of the month is a busy schedule, and we taper off by the end. We do have some interesting things coming up this month, so keep your eyes and ears open for information!

Our newsletter for October is out, The Olive Branch. Inside the newsletter you will find information about a Musical Worship Service that is being prepared! A new Outreach project filling shoe boxes, and our Annual Trunk-or-Treat! Plus many other activities and information!

This Sunday our visiting speaker is Judie Luther. Judie will be delivering the Sermon “Responsibility”, as will as providing us with the UCC World Wide Communion Service. The Divine Worship Service begins at 10:30 am, which follows our Sunday Class Program that starts at 9:30 am. Our Sunday Class program has classes for adult, youth, and children, presently all groups are studying Genesis. To enjoy a preview of this Sunday’s Bulletin, click here; and for the additional insert to the bulletin, click here.

This next week the following items are on the calendar:
~~ October 3rd & 4th, Parsonage Cleaning beginning at 9:00 am
~~ October 3rd, 7:30 pm Christian Discovery Mtg
~~ October 6th, 1:00 pm Women’s Fellowship Mtg
~~ October 6th, 7:30 pm Clay County Habitat for Humanity Mtg, at the United Methodist Church, CenterPoint, Indiana
~~ October 9th, 9:30 am, Sunday Classes; 10:30 am Worship Service with Lee Reberger
~~ October 9th, 2:00 pm CROP Walk, starts at 1st United Methodist Church, Clay City, Indiana

Remember if anyone has additional information, please email it to the church email address, or simply include it on a comment here!

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Saturday, September 24th

I hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful fall weather we have been given lately! And rain! Love seeing that rain! So a brief run down of what is happening this next week or two.

This Sunday, September 25th, the Sunday classes will continue their studies on Genesis. Remember the Sunday classes meet at 9:30 am every Sunday! Our Divine Worship is at 10:30 am, the sharing minister this Sunday is Reverend Kenneth Kramer, Jr. with a sermon entitled “By What Authority?”. Reverend Kramer is a potential interim pastor of our church, so please come listen to him!

October is fast approaching, as a matter of fact, next Sunday is October 2nd! Sunday, October 2nd is World Wide Communion Sunday, our visiting minister is Judie Luther. The following Sunday, October 9th, our visiting speaker will be Clay County Prosecutor Lee Reberger. If you missed Lee Reberger before please mark this on your calendar, he is an excellent speaker and story teller!

Other church happenings ….
Monday, October 3rd is Christian Discovery Meeting at 7:30 pm, they will be meeting at the home of Starla Wilson & Karen Schafer; Peggy Burger will have the lesson.
Tuesday, October 4th is the South Clay Pastor’s Meeting at 9:00 am
Wednesday, October 5th is the Wabash Valley Pastor’s Meeting at 9:00 am
Thursday, October 6th is the Women’s Fellowship Meeting at 1:00 pm, they will be meeting at the home of Chloe Rhodes; Also on Thursday is the Habitat for Humanity Meeting at 7:30 pm at the United Methodist Church in Centerpoint.

Also on Sunday, October 9th is the CROP Walk so keep the agenda open! More information will be forth coming on the CROP Walk!

I have also heard whispers about a super special musical worship on October 23rd with a gospel group named “The Angela Lilly Trio“; I’m sure we’ll hear more about this soon!

Remember if you have something you’d like to add to the website or even the blog, simply email us at the church email address ClayCityFirstUCC at (remember no spaces & use the @ sign) or simply post a comment here!

If you would like to view the bulletin for September 25th … click here
We also have an insert to go with the bulletin this week, extra announcements along with a bio of our visiting minister … Click Here

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September 16th, Friday Update

Wow September is already half gone! Doing the bulletin today I realized that October is right around the corner! I have not been notified of any activities or happenings for our calendar this week! If anyone has something to be added to the calendar please leave a comment here, or send an email so they can be posted!

Our visiting speaker this Sunday is Gary Hunter. Gary was our speaker on August 21st, and he returns this Sunday for a 2nd appearance. Gary is a very interesting individual who has traveled to unique places, so please take the time to visit him after service this Sunday. Gary is also a candidate for the position of Interim Minister for the church!

The Sunday classes are still in the study of Genesis, please join them at 9:30 am; then stay to listen to the Sermon provided by Gary Hunter at 10:30 am.

Remember there are still plenty of collection items in the foyer! Please check out where you can assist!

Enjoy a copy of our bulletin for this Sunday, September 18th.

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Saturday, Sept 10th

It is the weekly update! Join us tomorrow, Sunday, September 11th, as the sermon is delivered by our congregational member Reverend Don Yegerlehner. The worship service begins at 10:30 am, remember to come early to join the Sunday classes at 9:30 am as they study Genesis.

At 6:00 pm Sunday, September 11th, there is a Youth Group Meeting at 6:00 pm at the church.

There are several donation baskets hanging around the foyer!! Be sure to check a few out ….
1) The Clay City Food Pantry donation basket
2) 2-Liter bottles of soda for The Rock
3) Children’s jeans and/or sweat pants for our local schools
4) Knitting and/or crocheting squares for the Indian Reservation (yarn is available to use!)
5) Postal cash donations for the Indian Reservation to mail completed blankets
6) Box Tops for Crossroads

Remember to check our bulletin board for news and/or information!

See you Sunday !!
Blessings to all !!

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Sept 2nd, Friday Update …

Please take a look around the website, some updates have been done during the last week, hopefully bringing all the information up-to-date with the changes happening within the church. Of course it is also the first part of another month, so the September Olive Branch is available!

With the new month upon please check the calendar or the announcements to see the greeters, companions, and other assisting members are this next month.

Last week our service was performed by local community member Laura Wells, we truly enjoyed her sermon, and all the information she shared regarding the community programs located at ‘The Rock’. This week our service will performed by Reverend Mike Roth on loan from the Saron UCC located in Linton, Indiana. The sermon is entitled, “When it’s too easy to become a Christian, it is a lot harder to become a Christian”. So join us to hear the Word with Reverend Mike Roth at 10:30 am ~ come early as we begin a new Sunday Class!! The Fall Sunday Class begins this Sunday, September 4th, the theme of the study is Genesis, the calling of God’s people and the hope for God’s people. The Sunday classes begin at 9:30 am.

Special prayers are sent out this week for all the people that are still recovering from the effects of Hurricane Irene, we wish everyone a speedy recovery, prayers for this time of cleaning up and rebuilding our lives.

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August 29th, 2011

Well it is Monday the 29th instead of the planned Friday for the blog update. For those that attend our church, there are changes going on that we are all aware of.

Jack Long & Ruth Tobias have been busy trying to fill in different speakers and pastors for our Sunday programs, along with trying to review possibilities for interim pastors. We greatly appreciate the extra effort and time they have both put into helping our church succeed Sunday after Sunday during this time. For the month of September we have a full calendar of speakers, they are as follows:

  • September 4th, Mike Roth, Pastor of the Saron UCC located in Linton, Indiana
  • September 11th, Don Yegerlehner will conduct service along with communion
  • September 18th, Gary Hunter, a potential interim minister; Gary was our previous speaker on August 21st; he brings a background rich with interest!
  • September 25th, Kenneth Kramer, a potential interim minister

This information will also be provided within the September Olive Branch which is almost complete for distribution. Other updates have been done to the website as we manage through these changes for the next few months.

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Friday, July 24th

Please join us for service this Sunday!! We have a special guest this week, leading our worship service will be church member Don Yegerlehner. Don has been a school counselor for numerous years, but has an educational background in religion. He sermon this week is entitled “If Only … or … Even If”. It is also a Communion Sunday this week! Service begins at 10:30 am. Don’t forget to come early though for Sunday Class at 9:30 am, we are still studying the hymns!

Next Sunday is the last Sunday of July, so please make sure to see if you are scheduled for any assistance in the month of August! Checking the calendar page, flipping to August will allow a view of the upcoming events, and the members assigned for assisting.

All in all this is a quiet week within the church. Please remember to submit an email via the church (ClayCityFirstUCC @ for any updates, or announcements!

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Friday, July 1st, Updates

What is happening this week?

** Our July Olive Branch is out!

** July 7th The Women’s Fellowship is having an Picnic for their monthly meeting! They will be meeting at Carolyn Fulk’s home at 12:00 pm (noon). The hostesses will be providing the main entree and drinks, they ask that anyone attending bring a salad, vegetable, or dessert. They also suggest that you bring a lawn chair! They will provide the table services.

** July 7th is also the monthly meeting date of the Habitat for Humanity of Clay County, they will be meeting at the United Methodist Church in Centerpoint at 7:30 pm for all those that wish to attend.

** There is NO meeting in July for the Women’s Christian Discovery group, they will not meet again until August 29th.

** There will be a farewell dinner for our Pastor, Reverend Julie Western and her family. As most know, Reverend Julie is moving to another church. We have enjoyed sharing these last 4 years with her, and share our love and blessing for her future endeavors. Dinner will be after worship service July 10th. The dinner will be considered a in-door picnic, fried chicken will be provided along with drinks, please bring with you a covered dish, dessert, and your own table service.

** The Outreach Ministry Team is looking for donations for the Clay City Food Pantry! They are declaring this soap month, please donate items such as bath soap, laundry soap, dish soap, even cleaning soaps. The Clay City Food Pantry is also in desperate need of items such as fruits and meats. If you have perishable items that could be donated please contact Karen Schafer to donation procedures.

** July 10th thru July 14th is the community Vacation Bible School. We are doing “High Seas Expeditions” with the Clay City Community Churches. Anyone that would like to pre-register may do so during the Clay City Fair. The Clay City Fair will be going on July 5th thru July 9th, with the pre-registration available in the Green Building at Goshen Park. Remember Vacation Bible School are for all children, ages 3 – 12, that wish to attend from the area or even visiting the area!

** We are still discussing the Hymns in Sunday Classes at 9:30 am every Sunday, with Worship Service every Sunday at 10:30 am … please join us !!

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Friday Updates & Information

Yep it is that Friday update again, passing information to everyone!! So what is going on this week at the church? Let us share …

  • Join us for Sunday Class & Worship this Sunday, June 26th. Joan Neal continues to provide us lessons on the hymns for Sunday class at 9:30 am; Reverend Julie Western will provide a sermon entitled “Received with Love” during worship service at 10:30 am. We will also be having our in-service Children’s Message this Sunday during worship provided by Sara Tobias.
  • We have postponed our Youth Group trip to Holiday World until a later date. Several of our youth have decided to join the Mission Trip to Joplin, Missouri. The Joplin Mission Trip will be leaving June 27th returning July 1st. If anyone is interested in participating in the Mission Trip to Joplin, please contact Susan Rhodes.
  • The Women’s Fellowship will be meeting July 7th, at 12:00 (noon), at the home of Carolyn Fulk. This will be a PICNIC! Meat, drinks and table service will be furnished, so bring a salad, vegetable or dessert; and your lawn chair to enjoy some old fashioned afternoon fellowship. The hostesses are: Ruth White and Carolyn Fulk.
  • Do you have information that we need to share? If so please send it to Laura at the church email … ClayCityFirstUCC @ … remember no spaces !

    And in closing enjoy a review of our bulletin and announcements for this Sunday, June 26th.

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